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Chris Colfer på Piers Morgan!

Bakom kulisserna på säsong 4 + Photoshoot


Ett fan träffar Dianna på flygplatsen

Bilder och Tweets från inspelningen av säsong 4!


Lea riding her bike at paramount
Lea riding a bike at Paramount ( via littlegleeprincess)

Jenna Ushkowitz för Wallflower jeans!


Kevin och Lea på TV Guide!

Dianna ute i Italien

Shoppar i Positano, Italien
Under en båttur i Capri, Italien
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Matthew Morrison deltar på Billabong 6:e årliga Design för Humanity Event!


Naya har fått en super söt hund!

Chris Colfer - Intervjuv

AfterElton tog lite tid med Colfer för att prata om de otaliga projekt han arbetar och med inspelningen av nya säsongen av Glee som precis har börjat, om han tror Kurt kommer att komma till
New York City och vad som väntar Kurt och Blaine.
(Hoppas att det är okej att intervjuven är på engelska)
AfterElton: Congratulations on your book!
Chris Colfer: Thank you so much!
AE: You were making the rounds recently on the talk show circuit. How is it different for you talking about a book instead of Glee?
CC: It’s insane! I’ve never experienced going places and people coming to see just me! I’m used to having the [Glee] cast with me. It’s been terrific and at these book signings I expect everyone to ask me about Glee and what’s happening and everyone is just wanting to know about the book and the next book. It’s been wonderful.
AE: Is the next book already written?
CC: It will come out next year. It’s not written yet but I’m working on it but the sequel will be out next year.
AE: How does working on a book like that change you as an actor? Do you look at things differently?
CC: It’s really two different worlds completely. I wish I could say that one benefits the other but I’m not sure how it does. [laughs] Maybe it’s anti-beneficial. Who knows? We’ll see.
AE: Where would you like to see things go with Glee in terms of Blaine?
CC: I don’t know! I’ve heard that they might break up or they might stay together. I’ve heard both. I don’t know. I’m on board for what makes Kurt happy and what makes the teenage girls on the Internet happy because those angry Tweets are something else. But we’ll see how he gets to New York because I think he’s very set on New York and he’s going to get there somehow.
AE: Do you think it would be good for your story [with ‘Klaine’] to break up just to have that to work through?
CC: Yeah, I think breaking up is definitely an option. If they end up together further down the line, sure, why not? I think Darren and I both want to do something fun, a little dramatic and something we can sink our teeth into as actors.
AE: You’re aware that you and Darren were at the top of our Hot 100 list, right?
CC: [grins] I’m very aware. People made us aware.
AE: When you see something like that, what do you think, especially since it’s 100% reader-voted?
CC: I think did I forget to bribe people? I think I owe people money.
AE: What else is on your bucket list?
CC: My bucket list is consisting of everything I’m doing now and I hope I can keep doing everything I’m doing now. I’ve got the next book coming out and I have a movie coming out in December. A lot of stuff right now so I hope I get to keep doing stuff.
AE: How was Outfest and the screening of Struck By Lightning the other night?
CC: It was great. It was the best audience we have seen the movie with.
AE: How does it feel now that people are seeing the movie?
CC: It’s crazy. It’s weird. It’s the same thing with people who have read the book. I feel like that you’ve seen me naked in a way.
AE: With everything going on, do you have any time these days for a personal life?
CC: Not really. No. I try here and there but nothing to write home about.
The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell is available now. For more on Struck By Lightning, check the Facebook page. Glee is back for Season 4 on Thursday, September 13th FOX.

Lea Michele lämnar ett spa i Hollywood!


Några intervjuer på Fox TSA


Matt Morrison

TwitPics från inspelningen!

@BFalchuk: Weren’t we just here?

@Matt_Morrison: First day of school!  Back in the choir room!!

@Jenna Ushkowitz: First Day of School! Senior year! @kevinmchale@lengies

The Glee Project 2 - Se Avsnitt 8

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Glee Cast på 2012 FOX All-Star Party! (23 juli 2012)

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Chris Colfer främjar "The Land of Stories" på Barnes & Noble i Westfield Old Orchard


Harry på "Party For The 5th Staples For Students School Supply Drive Benefiting Students In Need"

(Haha, jag visste inte hur jag skulle översätta rubriken så den får vara som den är)

Lea - Papparatzi bilder


Harry Shum Jr på premiären av "White Frog"!


Förhandsvisning av Jenna's nya Photoshoot!

Cory mötte några fans på inspelningen av hans nya film "All The Wrong Reasons"!

icytides: ya so i just met cory monteith………he was shooting a movie in my neighbourhood. omg.

lorveronica: I just met Cory Monteith!!!! HOLY FUCKING FUCK! Best summer ever!!!!

Dianna Agron shoppar i Beverly Hills med sin vän


Glee Cast på Teen Choice Awards 2012!

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Dianna Agron på den 42nd Giffoni Film Festivalen

Chris på "The View" och "Good Morning America"!

The View (17/07/2012)
Good Afternoon America (17/07/12)

Jenna Ushkowitz bakom kulisserna påj JustJared photoshoot!


Chris Colfer pratar om sin bok + bilder!




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Lea Michele avgår på LAX


Dianna's artikel för "Afterzine"!


Lea i West Hollywood

The Glee Project 2 - "Eye of the Tiger" Musik Video


The Glee Project 2x08 "Tenacity" med Amber Riley!

Chris Colfer Spelar "GAA: s"

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Entertainment & Celebrity News

Glee skriver autografer på Comic Con + intervjuer från Comic Con!


Chris Windy City LIVE!

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Glee reaktioner på Colorado Skottlossning

- - -

Lea Michele (20 juli 2012)

 ;-27 ;-22;-21 ;-19;-30 

Chris på Watch What Happens Live

Chris på Apple Store och på Radio + 10 Frågor på 1 minut!

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Markera Salling på flygplatsen!


Ny intervju med Chris Colfer om The Land of Stories!

Kevin anländer till LAX


Glee stjärnorna besökte TV Guide Magazine Comic-Con Yacht!


Stars Visit TV Guide Magazine’s Comic-Con Yacht

Lea och Cory på fest för att fira FOX gester på Comic-Con!


Kevin McHale i Hollywood och Highland Courtyard + Teen Choice Awards affisch!

 TEEN CHOICE 2012: GLEE Cast member and singer Kevin McHale and Singer, actress and THE X FACTOR judge, Demi Lovato, is set to host TEEN CHOICE 2012, airing LIVE Sunday, July 22 (8:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX. CR: FOX

Dianna Agron i Los Angeles

The Glee Project 2 - Se Avsnitt 7


Dianna Agron i Hollywood!


Glee Cast Photoshoot 2010 - Säsong 1!

Lea och Cory i L.A


Mark med ett fan!

Cory och Lea cyklar i Paris

Diannashoppar i Beverly Hills


Chord Overstreet spelar i Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softboll Game

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Lea Michele: Candie's Commercial!


Dianna Agron middag för att hedra Yayoi Kusama

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Jenna Ushkowitz "Wall Flower Jeans" Photoshoot!


Cory hälsar på Chrysalis och Skid Row i LA!


Chris Colfer Photoshoot för Mr Porter!


Dianna Agron och Naya Rivera på Whole Foods i Sherman Oaks


The Glee Project 2 - Se Avsnitt 6

Se avsnittet här:


Chris Colfer


Harry Shum Jr Glamaholic # 11


Lea och Cory äter lunch på Les Deux Magots

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Amber Riley på ett Kapitolium repetition!


Dianna Agron


The Glee Project 2: Hit Me With Your Best Shot/One Way or Another

The Glee Project 2 - Se Avsnitt 5

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Bilder på Lea, Cory och Matthew på Versace Show!

Cory och Lea lämnar Ritz i Paris!


Lea och Cory på "Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture"

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Kevin McHale kommer gästa på "Glee Project"!

Chris Colfer- Cool Kids' Table!


Matthew Morrison på "White Tie och Tiara Ball"


De 3 senaste pogrammen av The Glee Project 2!

Jag är så ledsen att jag inte la ut dom när de kom ut men här är de!
Del 2: 
Del 3:
Del 4:
Om någon inte funkar så kan du kolla här:
Del 2
Del 3
Del 4
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Chris Colfer på "The Huffington Post's Favorite Young Stars!"

Lea Michele & Cory Monteith med Celine Dion!

20 juni kommer att gå till historien som den dag när ett av våra favorit par träffade Celine Dion!
Lea Michele Cory Monteith Celine Dion 2

Chord Overstreet ute med Ashley Benson!


Matthew Morrison lämnar Les Ambassadeurs Casino!

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Dianna besöker Wildlife Waystation!


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